At 12:30 p.m. on August 31, 2022, an employee was picking up an empty shipping container while working as a truck driver. The employee received a list of empty containers from a dispatcher at arrived at a facility to locate and pick up the assigned empty container. The employee exited his truck to inspect an empty container at his employer's warehousing facility. While inspecting the container, an other truck driver who was an independent contractor was backing up to park a shipping container on an empty spot. The truck driver who was backing up had an obstructed view due to the shipping container, and he struck the container adjacent to where the employee was standing. As a result, the employee was pinned between two shipping containers and was killed by crushing injuries.

Cover The Angles

Drones Increase the Amount of Information Jurors Receive

Utilizing aerial footage from high-up, down-low, and slow-moving pans, we can find the best angles to tell your story. These various camera and video techniques supply jurors with a wealth of information. High-altitude, wide-angle views give them an idea of the scale of the location. Close-up motion and still shots provide context and detail. And slow-moving pan shots inform jurors about the relative relationship between objects they’re seeing. You can relay information about a scene through witness testimony. You can use still pictures, charts, and graphs. But compelling video enables viewers to experience the scene for themselves.